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Professional WordPress Malware Removal Service

Is your WordPress website plagued by malware, putting your online presence at risk? Our expert team is ready to deliver a comprehensive and efficient malware removal service designed specifically for WordPress sites.

About the Service

We’ll swiftly remove malware from your WordPress site and enhance its security.

Perform a Website Scan

To kickstart the website recovery procedure, the first step involves understanding the nature of the breach that occurred. We will perform an extensive scan of all your website files, including those in WordPress, themes, and plugins, to meticulously inspect them for any traces of malicious code.

Remove Malicious Content

Upon completing the website scan and pinpointing malicious content, our next priority is to swiftly and thoroughly eliminate any unwanted scripts, content, database entries, malware, backdoors, and spammy links from your WordPress installation. We are dedicated to restoring the security and integrity of your website.

Core Files

Within a WordPress website, some critical files include xmlrpc.php, .htaccess, and wp-config.php. We will ensure that these files are free from malicious scripts and establish safeguards to prevent any future exploitation or vulnerabilities.

Security Hardening

Once we’ve removed malware and malicious content, our next step is to fortify your website’s security to prevent future hacks. We will accomplish this by installing and optimizing the WordFence security plugin.

Blacklist Removal

If your website gets blacklisted by Google, leading to warnings for visitors about potential harmful content, we will quickly implement necessary measures to eliminate these warnings and restore your site’s reputation.


Our support agent will create a detailed cleanup report with screenshots and notes, listing cleaned items and security measures taken during the malware removal process.


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Once your order is processed, we’ll immediately begin the work. Our goal is to have your website repaired within 24 hours. However, please be aware that in certain situations, such as blacklist removal, the process may require a bit more time.

To commence work on your website, we require access to a WordPress administrator account and your hosting account credentials.

We will discuss on chat.

Besides the obvious signs, be vigilant for subtle indicators such as the presence of spammy and pharmaceutical links, unexpected redirects, user complaints, a decrease in website traffic, and elevated server usage.